Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday Funday

A typical Sunday for a college student consists of waking up past noon, making sure nothing was lost during your Saturday night drunken escapades, eating unhealthy food, and procrastinating homework.

In Dublin, it is no different.

I awoke abruptly this morning to the sun blaring in my window. I had forgotten to close the shades when I went to bed last night. My head was pounding from the combination of dancing next to a speaker all night, and the abundance of Druid's I had consumed. I quickly tried to figure out what time it was, but my mobile likes to play games with me. Apparently, it is always 12:30 am January 1, 2008. Excellent. It is always half 12 on New Years. Without luck of figuring out the time, I decided that it was time to go back to bed.

A few hours later, around noon, I woke up an finally got out of bed. I made myself a bagel while my mouth watered over the french toast my roommate's boyfriend had cooked her. I complained about not wanting to study for my upcoming science quiz, which led me to the Internet for distraction.

I dabbled on the world wide web for a few hours. You're probably thinking, what can she possibly do on the internet for a few hours? Well, let me tell you, it is very simple on a Sunday. First, I checked PostSecret and remembered the five hour time difference because this week's secrets weren't up yet. My internet journey also led me to check all three (unnecessary) of my email accounts, specifically hoping that my mom would be on Gmail to video chat. I continued on to Facebook, where I was hooked for a good portion of my time. What do I do on Facebook? I have no idea, but I was sucked in. Finally, I ventured back to PostSecret.

Then, I got down to business. With two of my classmates, I wrote a lab report. It was the first lab report of the semester, so it took a little longer than necessary. It was especially time consuming because of entering our data onto an Excel spreadsheet and making a chart from it. I took a class on Excel in high school, so I didn't think it would be too difficult; however, I was wrong. I realized quickly that I had only learned the business/accounting aspect to Excel, and I didn't know anything about making charts. A friend came up to my room and taught us how to create the table and chart. Once he explained it, it wasn't too difficult. Lab report: check. Feeling successful, what do I do? Make dinner of course.

After dinner, I wanted to sit down and get to business. My first quiz is tomorrow, and I know minimal information about the subject matter. The subject is earth science. I need to do a lot of studying. Of course, I had left my laptop open and my sister rings in on Gmail to video chat with her and her dog Toby. I take the opportunity to talk to her, especially because weekends are our only time to communicate. She lives in California, so our time difference is eight hours. The time difference makes it hard to connect during the week, so I take any opportunity I can to video chat with her.

A group of people had gathered in my apartment's living room at this point to sit down and study. I got off the computer and joined everyone with a notebook and pen in hand. I started to look through the PowerPoint presentations that we had gone over in class. I successfully wrote one page of notes, and then realized it was 8:15.

I had signed up to go to Capital Comedy Club with my school. I had to meet everyone in the lobby to walk to the show for 9. Realizing the time, I put down my pen and walked away from my notes. I got out of my PJs for the first time all day, and put on real people clothes. By the time I changed, it was time to leave.

At the comedy club I sat next to an middle aged couple from Belfast. I talked about what I am doing in Dublin, school, my major, how I like the city, and all that jazz. They were friendly and enjoying their pints of Carlsberg, blissfully laughing louder than most people around me. I didn't even realize that I didn't understand some of the comedy until the man kept leaning in and explaining them. One comedian made a joke about Connecticut. He was saying how it sounded like it was something you would feed to your cat. I laughed hysterically, not even knowing that there was a real reason for the joke. The man leaned in and asked me if we had a certain brand of cat food in the states. I forget the name of the brand, but apparently it sounds like Connecticut, and that's why the joke had been made.

The comedy show ended around midnight, and we made the walk back from Temple Bar to our apartments, a short distance away. I came home to my notebook and pen where I had left them. Again, I sat down and what did I do? I opened my laptop. I started on Facebook, went to Gmail, and then I was led to Blogger. It is now 1:10, and I do not see myself being successful in studying for my quiz tomorrow at this point. I guess I'm just going to have to made it an early morning, and study for a few hours before my class at 12:15.

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