Thursday, September 23, 2010

Irish Craic

Today is a wonderful celebration for Guinness. It is Arthur's Day! It is a glorious day where everyone cheers at 17:59. I went to a quaint little pub around the corner from my apartment to celebrate with friends from my study abroad program.

Man, oh man, was it exciting. Upon entering the pub, there was hardly any standing room (same for every other pub in Ireland). One of the workers found me and my friends a table at the front of the building, right next to the band.

Everyone was so excited for the toast, that we had a preliminary toasting about 5 minutes too early. People were all excited, laughing with their friends. An all around jolly good time.

Then, the count down began and everyone threw their Guinness in the air to cheers anyone that was close to them. It was a thrilling moment. It truly made me happy to be in Dublin for this moment. All I could do was smile as I drank my pint of Guinness and look around at the familiar faces around the bar. It was even more exciting to see all the Irish people celebrate their favorite beverage.

There were couples dancing to the Irish music. My favorite couple that was dancing had to be around 70 years old. They were adorable.

My roommate came up with the idea to take coasters from all the pubs and clubs that we go to during our adventures. So, that's picture the coaster from the pub to add to the growing collection. This design was also used for advertisements around the city.

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